14 07 2015

Chcete být součástí skupiny?

Dear Friends,

Several groups are now being formed to share the experience of surfing on the ninth wave. The groups are explorative and have no leader telling what the participants are supposed to feel at different points in time in the ninth wave. The only rule is to be authentic and see how your experiences matches with the ninth wave, which can then in turn become a very powerful tool for you to align with its unity consciousness and the destiny of humanity. To have a group to share with will reinforce the process of alignment and give you something to hold onto as the waves are getting stronger. Since I am part of a sharing group of this kind I will not directly take part in the discussions or sharing of any other group. However, if you respond to this with your email address with a statement that you would like to be part of a group where you can share your experiences of surfing on the ninth wave I will help connect you with others that want to do the same and then you can create an explorative sharing group in accordance with your own ideas.


So far the main tools for following the 9th Wave are the calculator at   


or that downloadable to a PC


There are also articles on my blog:



that may provide you with a background as to the wave that brings the possibility to attain unity consciousness.




19 05 2015
you may download Mayan calendar

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow on Wednesday the 20th we are at the last day of the present tzolkin round

as well as on the peak of the solar conjunction of the Pleiades. The following day may be a good starting day for following the Mayan calendar for those that do not already do so.

The most important aspect of the Mayan calendar to follow today is however in my view the Ninth Wave, because this is the wave that by resonating with it you raise your consciousness to see the connection of all things including yourself. Many people today experience the presence of such a new frequency, bringing about a unity of mind with all minds. A frequency is however always related to a wave and the wave bringing this new frequency is the Ninth Wave. To facilitate and explore your resonance with the Ninth Wand - and the other significant calendars of the Maya affecting life at the current time  - we have therefore created, in collaboration with John Kostura, a calculator that, provided that you have a PC, you may download to follow these calendars:


Enjoy , Carl


28 04 2105

Why follow the Ninth Wave?

A small, but increasing number of people is starting to follow the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar system. Yet, even those that understand the prophetic system and the mathematical basis for the Ninth Wave may not always see its value or how it relates to their own lives and evolution at large. Others may think that since they already follow the tzolkin they do not need another calendar to follow. Since tomorrow, April 28, is the beginning of the 43rd day in the Ninth Wave


a discussion about the value of following this calendar is due.

The simple answer to why you would follow the Ninth Wave is that it is the wave of destiny of humanity. The Ninth Wave is the highest of the divine creation waves and is the wave that since 2011 brings the possibility of attaining unity consciousness for humanity. Thus, no other calendar can play the same role of gauging if you, your thoughts and actions are aligned with this destiny or not. To the extent that humanity attains the state of consciousness generated by the Ninth Wave it will be able to take a path of return to the Garden of Eden (or if you like to use another prophecy: the Eagle and Condor will fly together).

To follow the Ninth Wave calendar is then somewhat like looking at your weight on the balance in the morning. You are not likely to once and for all have ascertained your relationship to the destiny of humanity. Unity consciousness, and a life consistent with this is something we will fall in and out of and requires of us a stable intention to attain and maintain this. Similarly to how your weight may tell you to change your habits of eating and exercising following the Ninth Wave may give you indication as to how to align yourself with your higher purpose. By following the Ninth Wave you may understand more of how your life is related to the destiny of humanity and make necessary adjustments. Yet, to many people, who seem to have found some temporary comfortable balance through resonating with the lower 6th, 7th or 8th Waves, to monitor their resonance with the Ninth Wave may be disturbing. It may compel them to participate seriously in the destiny of humanity and undertake deep processes. Some will start this earlier and other later, but I think we should recognize that unless we are under 4 years of age almost our entire lives have been dominated by a mind of duality. Our entire past will then have been colored by a dualist state of mind and this will have had consequences for our relationships, bodies, financial outlook, emotional life etc. To the extent that we want to align ourselves with the ninth wave and the destiny of humanity we will then have to process of all these aspects of the past in order to become what it takes to contribute to the emergence of unity consciousness. To merely have an intellectual understanding of the matter is not sufficient.

How then does the Ninth Wave influence our lives? Roughly speaking, the days in the Ninth wave (including the one that now begins) are the times when the destiny of humanity has flow. Projects, either on a personal or family level or in the larger outside world, which are consistent with unity consciousness will exhibit flow. This means that to the extent that we are developing ourselves to be conducive to unity consciousness, and act accordingly, our lives will have flow in those time periods. In the periods that are nights on the other hand, we may look upon the Ninth Wave consciousness as being deactivated. What this will mean is that in those time periods we will have to deal with all the aspects of ourselves that are not consistent with unity consciousness, residues from the 6th, 7th or 8th Waves. Typically you will in those nights have help from the flow that was generated by the preceding day, but yet you re likely to have a rougher time on a personal level. Issues pertaining to health, money or the more practical and physical aspects of life may pop because they need to be resolved for you to be part of the flow when the day begins. Hard emotional struggles may also occur within you and in your relationships for the very same reason. This is not to say that the days are “good” and the nights ”bad”. It only means that they have different roles in your evolution and your participation in manifesting the destiny of humanity.

As mentioned, only a small portion of humanity are likely at this point to have even tasted the experience of unity consciousness, but to the extent that people start to follow the Ninth Wave and its pattern of alternating days and nights they have an increased chance of becoming aware of being in this state of consciousness. They will also increasingly become aware of their own specific role in manifesting the destiny of humanity and this is something everyone will have to find out for himself or herself. For this following the Ninth Wave calendar may be a valuable tool. The Ninth Wave is not necessarily making life easy, at least not at the present time. We all have a number of things originating in lower waves to go through, process and leave behind. Yet, I am convinced that over time, as the following of this calendar takes hold and spreads, it will become an important tool for people who want to align themselves with the destiny of humanity. What alignment with this divinely provided destiny will give is an increased sense of joy and an experience of being part of something much greater.

Santa Fe, April 28 2015 (18th day of the 42nd night, 4 Flint).



18 10 2014

Spiritual Cruise to Alaska

Dear Friends,
I have a feeling that the Cruise to Alaska June 12 to June 19,
where I will also be presenting, will be a great experience and lon lasting memory. As you can see it is filling up quickly and so those that are drawn to this may need to act soon.

Please see https://www.divinetravels.com/AlaskaCruise2015.html
Welcome aboard!
Carl Johan



12 05 2014

Official Science verifies my theory about the Cosmic Tree of Life at the origin of the universe.

Dear Friends,

In 2009 Inner Traditions published my book The Purposeful Universe, which outlined the physical and biological evolution of the universe, by matching the at the time known facts about the universe with the Mayan calendar. The first chapter discussed the existence of a Tree of Life at the center of the universe in accordance with ancient cosmologies such as the Mayan Wacah-Chan or the Vikings Yggdrasil.  


As I showed in The Purposeful Universe the Tree of Life violates both the Theory of Relativity and Darwinism, the two pillars of materialist science. How is Official Science then now going to sweep this under the rug? It will do it in one of two ways: 1/ Ignore it and especially hide that it was predicted or 2/ Postulate the existence some new "dark" phenomenon nobody has seen and say that this make all the equations fit. In reality however the results of the most extensive computer simulation of the Big Bang ever made has now shown exactly what I discussed in my book: The purpose of this universe is to generate life and it all emanates from the Tree of Life. Modern science is catching up with ancient knowledge, but will not be quick to admit it. Please see https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-27299017 for more.


Carl Johan


08 05 2014

Dear Friends,

The eBook version of The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization is now available both through my own web site below and from Amazon.com.

Enjoy the paradigm shift!



"The first novel idea about the rise of civilization in many decades"
-James Redfield,
Author: The Celestine Prophecy and The Twelfth Insight

"The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization addresses one of crucial issues of our time, on which our future may depend:  the relationship between human consciousness and the brain. 
The evidence that Carl Johan Calleman explores shows that mind and brain are not identical, as we have been led to believe.  Minds are capable of things that brains cannot do.  The implication - that we are more than our physical brains and bodies - will likely be regarded as the most important discovery of our era.  Let Dr. Calleman be your guide on this exciting journey."

- Larry Dossey, MD
Author:  One Mind:  How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters




07 04 2014


Dear Friends,

My webmaster Bengt Sundin has now created a new wonderful web site for me, which more reflects the current direction of my work with the launching of The Paradigm Shift Trilogy. It has the same address as previously: www.calleman.com, and it has a blog that I will be writing regularly.

The first blog is What does the Global Mind Mean?, which outlines the meaning of this entirely new concept, which is key to understanding The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization, the first volume in the trilogy.


Previous articles on the Mayan calendar have now been archived on the site and are still available to study as a background material. The Mayan calendar will continue to be a background also for The Paradigm Shift Trilogy, but there is less reason to focus on it as such. I believe it has been convincingly shown that this calendar reflects mental shifts in the human beings and that now is the time to explore how these play out in history and life in general. As it turns out, understanding the origin of the human mind is the same thing as understanding the origin of the ancient civilizations of our planet. We are in fact part of an evolving global mind and my view is that without realizing this we will not understand what our purposes are or what our futures may hold in store for us.


In short, I believe that against the background of the ancient Mayan calendar we may understand what makes human beings human. I invite you to explore this new web site and take part in the social media in a discussion about the global mind and its effects on us.  


Carl Johan

12 03 2014

Dear Friends,

The first volume of The Paradigm Shift Trilogy; The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization will be released on March 21, 2014. The equinox seems like an appropriate release date since it is the day when the sun rises exactly in the East and sets exactly in the West. The ancient peoples of our planet in many of their monuments honored the equinoxes and the four directions in their monuments since they knew that these were of fundamental importance not only to the human mind, but also, as a consequence, to the rise of their own civilizations.  


Going back to such ancient knowledge this first volume of the trilogy aspires to explain two previously intractable problems: A/ Why did people suddenly, about five thousand years ago, simultaneously start to create civilizations with pyramids and cities in Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley? and B/ What is the origin of the human mind and what is its relationship to the brain? These are two questions that are fundamental to what makes human beings human and without answers to them we can hardly know who we are as a species.


By not looking at these two questions as separate, and presenting solid empirical evidence about the evolution of the human mind, I believe that these two problems have both now been solved. Since an understanding of the human mind, where it comes form and in what direction it is going, is crucial for knowing what kind of future we can create, I hope many will engage in a serious discussion about these questions. The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization can be pre-ordered at https://secure.mybookorders.com/Orderpage/1336 and will at the release date be available also from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Ingram etc.


The reason I have called this trilogy The Paradigm Shift Trilogy is that I think that these basic thoughts are results of the Mayan Shift of the Ages that humanity has recently gone through. I am convinced that this consciousness shift has allowed for a very fundamental paradigm shift in how we understand the world, a shift that will mature and deepen in the years and decades to come. Only now can we address some of the most ancient and longstanding mysteries that are part of the human existence.


Namaste and In Lak'ech 

Carl Johan