Jiri Vesely



Dreams can be specific answers to our specific questions.

Each of us may communicate with the higher leadership through requested dreams.

Thanks to a permanent conscious change we will never be the same.


Jiri Vesely

the person, which looks for, finds and wonders.


There is a miracle, which fascinates and fulfills me all the time. I feel that it completely overflows me. That´s miracle of life. I like to say that the world is exactly how we feel it. It can't be different. When we change our sensories, we change the world. I have a technical education and make a business in the field of telecommunications. I feel myself as a lifelong Hunter of connections across the universe. More and more lately I focus in my search and research on questions about the nature of consciousness, the essence of being, the ability to create knowledge and to explore the possibility of working with the information field.

I think a few spiritual seekers have already reached the point where many of them feel that they have read nearly all, and that their next move is now possible mainly through real practicing spiritual knowledge in the everyday reality of life.

The knowledge you need to live.


I am the author of the book Work with dreams. I'm revealing in it specific experiences and connections of targeted work with dreams, and clearly show that requested dreams can be specific answers to our specific questions. It allowed me to develop simple, and how it´s shown probably a universal methodology of personalized interpretation of dreams and work with them. For example, training to remember dreams is surprisingly simple and. In addition, I am also trying to zoom in on the background of the source of dreams, their feeling and meaning. I am convinced that dreams are one of the highest of God's creative technologies, which is completely without borders and that has absolutely unlimited capacity. Dreams are the art of wisdom. Through requested dreams we can get wise advises, for example, from our spiritual mentors of the non-physical reality, or it may reply to us a living being GAIA, Universe ... and other structures of consciousness.

Thanks to my experiences I am illustrative of showing that dreams are often trying to give advice, but can also, for example, to help us train our individual folder of consciousness and to increase their abilities. In the event of an emergency and needs dreams may also participate in the extraordinary energy and supply the information necessary for the evaluation of our regeneration. Using dreams, can also parts of our beings to perform all sorts of spiritual tasks in other realities. Last but not least, it´s possible to communicate with other people within dreams. The potential of dreams and dreamlike communication is unlimited.


Night after night, each of us has the ability to také advantage of few simple pieces of advice and knowledge, which are based on years of experience working with dreams. Day after day, so we have the posibility to focus and deeply work on ourselves. In my personal case meant the targeted work with dreams, literally the life-revolution. And not just for me alone.

Someone will probably shock, to find out when working with dreams, what is the source of his own dreams. Advices what dreams bring, only keep an eye on our own good and selflessly and tirelessly help us and help us and …